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Why you need a website right now

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

A website offers a host of benefits you don’t want to lose out on, no matter which stage your business or profession is at. Here are 10 reasons why you should get one ASAP

Why you need a website right now

Too many people who reach out to us or we reach out to for website work develop cold feet at the last minute. The reasons are myriad: from “Our Facebook page/WhatsApp group is doing fine” and “We have plenty of customers/fans” to “Not enough budget/time” to a shocking “Not a priority”. We feel the best time to get a website ready for your business or professional practice—big or small—is the day you start it! And that you should put everything else aside and especially dedicate some amount of your time and capital to it if you want your venture to survive. Here are 10 reasons why we advise so:

24x7 marketing

Your website is a resource that pitches your business, services, talent or products to every part of the planet, even when you are getting your customary eight hours of sleep, spending quality time with your family, or watching Netflix. Imagine someone stumbling upon your website during your downtime after several desperate searches. Imagine this person having a need only YOU can fulfil. Imagine not having a website and the situation turning out to be a two-way loss. Nobody would want that, right? Thus, the need for your own ‘www’ platform.


Even if it is a friend seeking services, who do you think they would choose? You, without a website, no matter how trustworthy they consider you? Or someone who has a brilliant website, with a neat, user-friendly design, strong portfolio, and glowing testimonials? If your friend is serious about their business and convenience, there is a high possibility they would go for the second option. That is how psychology and perception work, and so you need a website—and a bloody good one—to stay ahead of your competitors.


You’re dealing with 21st-century customers, who believe what they see. Besides, as per research, around 60% people don’t trust a business without a website. Therefore, your website is your sales pitch, catalogue, manual and brochure—all rolled in one.


Do you know the amount of time you spend fielding queries on the phone or email is what you can actually utilise to build new business? Your website, thus, comes to your rescue by containing all information on one platform, readily available to anyone at a glance, so customers need not contact you for the same things over.


While WhatsApp groups are a great marketing tool, they have their share of limitations. For instance, management of customers becomes unfeasible once they hit a large number, leading some to even exit your group with a negative perception of your business. In addition, the conversations can quickly turn personal and informal, much to your users’ irritation. All these issues are easily taken care of by a website, where email and newsletter marketing serve as the most professional way to keep your customers updated.

Unpredictable social media

With social media registering increasingly sporadic logins, unpredictable algorithms, and a diminishing reach, users are more likely to miss your updates there. That’s where your website, combined with email and newsletter marketing, scores high.

Google presence

The main way anyone is going to find your business is through online search, so having a website will only work to your advantage. Search engine optimisation (SEO) through long-tail keywords, meta descriptions, and the like will increase your visibility.

Lead & data generation

A database is a goldmine for any business or service, and a website facilitates its compilation through contact forms, signups, etc. Information such as customer location, needs, preferences and feedback will help you make any necessary tweaks to your business in time.

Reduces overheads

Ecommerce is a boon to customers who cannot visit your physical store or office for some reason or another. Your website, thus, helps widen your customer base and, therefore, revenues—minus too many overhead costs.

Takes your CV to another level

Should you want to take up a job, having a website mentioned on your resume is likely to make your recruiter prioritise your application over others. You also get the upper hand during negotiations. Is there a better case for a website now?

In short, a website is a necessary investment for any entrepreneur, professional or service provider, and it’s never too late to build one. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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