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What to do when you’re snubbed by a celebrity

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

It’s a sign of good times, believe me

Picture this: You’ve idolised this actor, model, cricketer or filmmaker all your life, and suddenly, fate brings you face-to-face with them at an event. You’re nervous as fuck, yet you muster the courage to go and ask them for that autograph and dream selfie while confessing to them how huge a fan you are of their work. But none of that happens. The celebrity just refuses to acknowledge you, forget replying to your ‘Hi’. You’re heartbroken–not to mention, thoroughly embarrassed too. What are you going to tell your friends and family about this person? You’ll look like a clown if you admit the truth, but at the same time, your conscience doesn’t permit you to lie about the incident and let this celeb get away with what they’ve done. What do you do in this case? Here’s some expert help from yours truly, who’s a pro at being celebrity-snubbed.

Accept that it happened

Don’t worry about coming across as egoistic or try to brush off the incident as the celebrity having a bad day. Permit yourself to be sad and angry. It’s human to feel so. Snubbing is not cool, no matter how busy you are or how bad a day you’re having, period!

Take them off your life

You know how you threw your ex out of your life post-breakup? It’s the same drift: tear their posters off your wall, unfollow them on social media, refuse to watch their movies or matches. This is your way of saying, “I won’t let you get away with it.”

Be more successful than them

Frank Sinatra was so right when he famously quipped, “The best revenge is more success.” It’s a sign that the universe wants you to become someone bigger. So go write that book, audition for that role, pen down a screenplay, start the company you’ve been dreaming about. Revenge will taste so much more delicious when this celebrity will come to YOU for an autograph, selfie or *gloat gloat* work.

Laugh it off

Instead of indulging in face-saving behaviour, just embrace your comic self and tell the world you were snubbed by this megastar. You’ll up your cool quotient this way.

But don’t tag them on social media

Burning bridges is never an option. You never want this awkward moment of said celebrity becoming your job interviewer after you’ve roasted them on Twitter (or perhaps even been blocked by them).

Don’t stop meeting more celebs

Of course, you’re justified in switching celeb loyalties, but don’t let one incident hold you back from approaching other people. The celeb world is a huge pool, with plenty of good, polite and well-mannered folks in it, worthy of your time and attention.

Ruin their auditions

If the devil in you is really itching to do something, here’s an evil tip, courtesy the popular 90s sitcom Hum Paanch. If you can, find out where your heartbreaker star is trying their luck for their next gig or assignment, and show up–with a bagful of tamarinds. Suck on the tamarinds in front of the celeb when they begin saying their lines. You can safely bet they won’t be able to make it past the first line without stammering, and your job will be done.

Write about it

You really think this post came from a random chain of thoughts? Not at all! This was within an hour of a real-life incident. What was supposed to have been a film review and a selfie with this celebrity is now a genuine embrace for every friend who’s been through this obnoxiousness but could never talk about it. You could even write a comedy sketch on your experience, upload the clip on YouTube and see yourself becoming a stand-up sensation! Or depict your tragedy in a cartoon strip. As they say, turn your broken heart into a piece of art.

Have you ever been snubbed by someone famous? How did you react to it?

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