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#WritingResources: 60+ content topics & niches for your writing & blogging

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Don’t be stumped for ideas—here’s a full list of all the subjects and verticals you can cover in your articles, books, and blogs

Film or travel, fashion or books, technology or food—there’s no dearth of content types and niches to explore.
Film or travel, fashion or books, technology or food—there’s no dearth of content types and niches to explore.

Looking to start a blog but don’t know what your niche should be? Running out of ideas for your blog? Seeking a topic of focus for the publication you dream of owning? Don’t know whether to be a generalist or specialist in your writing? (Short answer: definitely generalist. These are crazy, iffy times we’re living in, so you’ll need to build expertise in more than one beat.)

Here’s just the list you need. Get experimental with it. Mix and match the sphere you’ve been writing on with an unfamiliar one so you can think of hybrid ideas (e.g. mixing ‘personal finance’ and ‘technology’ to come up with stories on online banking, mobile wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc.) or create entirely distinct niches (e.g. by combining ‘travel’ with ‘pets’, ‘parenting’, or ‘disability’).

For now, here’s a full round-up of the broad content genres, topics, and niches for your writing and blogging:

1) Politics

2) News & current affairs

3) Travel

- Destinations & attractions

- Aviation & air travel

- Hotels & hospitality

- Adventure & outdoors

4) Food & drink

- Cooking & recipes

- Dining out

- Culture, customs, traditions

- Kitchen & equipment

5) Film, TV, cinema, theatre, drama

6) Showbiz, celebrity, entertainment

7) Global health

8) Personal health

- Body & physiology

- Wellness

- Fitness

- Nutrition

- Mental health

- Medicine

- Addictions & substance abuse

9) Memes & internet culture

10) Language & vocabulary

11) Kids

12) Pets

13) Cars & automobiles

14) Technology

- Gadgets

- Inventions & innovations

- Communication

- Internet

- Cybersecurity

15) Gaming

16) Science

17) Journalism

18) Advertising & media

19) Literature, books, publishing

20) Arts

- Painting & sculpture

- Performing arts

21) Fashion

22) Architecture, interiors, furniture, design, heritage

23) Business, finance, markets, economics

24) Personal finance & money

25) Shopping, retail, commerce

26) Entrepreneurship

27) Music

28) Parenting

29) Spirituality

30) Dating, sex & relationships

31) Beauty

32) Humour

33) Culture

34) Pop culture

35) Feminism & gender identity

36) People, personalities, human interest

37) History

38) Fiction (see the full list of genres here)

- Short story, flash fiction

- Novel

- Script

39) Men

40) Women


42) Illness, aging, disability

43) Sports

44) Environment & sustainability

45) Wildlife

46) Education

47) Agriculture & farming

48) Law & policy

49) Poetry

50) Data & research

51) Space & astronomy

52) Astrology

53) Local & community news, events, updates

54) Oddities

55) Craft & DIY

56) Jobs, careers, work, workplaces, HR

57) Personal growth & development

58) Lifestyle & leisure

59) Real estate, building, construction

60) Business management & entrepreneurship

61) Home, home management & improvement, cleaning

62) Trade & B2B

63) Industry & manufacturing

64) Rural

65) Urban

66) Writing craft & technique

67) Self-help & motivation

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Pooja Priyamvada
Pooja Priyamvada
2021년 4월 15일

Such write-ups are sp useful especially when one hits the writer's block

Here from AToZ

Priyanka Agarwal
Priyanka Agarwal
2021년 4월 19일
답글 상대:

Thank you. Do let me know if there are any specific writing-related issues you'd like me to address on my blog.


anand n
anand n
2021년 4월 15일

This is a wonderful article which you normally get if you pay money. Thanks for the list and I will try to use them. I hope the list will also help others.

Priyanka Agarwal
Priyanka Agarwal
2021년 4월 19일
답글 상대:

Thank you so much for your appreciation. I'm glad you're finding this useful :)

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