• Priyanka Agarwal

A dream list of all the publications I want to write for

The 70+ newspapers, journals, magazines, and digital platforms where I wish to see my byline

The 70+ newspapers, journals, magazines, and digital platforms where I wish to see my byline
One of my life’s biggest aims is to see a byline here.

Image: Sarah Shull | Unsplash

One of the greatest moments for any freelance writer that makes them whoop in the air with delight is seeing their name in a story they’ve penned for a world-class publication.

I’ve had the good fortune to write for the likes of Fodor’s Travel, Indiatimes, and Architectural Digest India and experience such periods of jump-in-the-air joy. And of course, for Condé Nast Traveller India, where I have worked full-time on the editorial desk as a digital writer for 3 years.

But I still have a long way to go when it comes to scoring more bylines while also earning a good amount of money and writing cred in the process.

That’s why I’ve compiled a wish list of publications so I can put this goal of mine out there in the Universe.

These are a mix of print and digital titles, irrespective of their openness to freelancer pitches or whether I have a story idea befitting them.

I’d love to explore all sorts of content formats for these, including those for stories, features, and essays connected to PiKu & ViRu. Among my to-dos, therefore, is to get myself to amp up my pitching activity in the next one year’s time from now to have this dream turn into a reality.

Of course, this isn’t the complete list but an ongoing one. I’ll update it as and when I come across a publication that catches my fancy.

At the same time, the idea isn’t to keep pushing myself to achieve this aim but to let things happen rather than make them happen. I don’t want to end up piling so much on my plate that it makes my mind switch off from my work and gives me a needless burnout.

Also, the pandemic has made me realise the importance of celebrating what I’ve achieved, rather than criticising myself for what I haven’t. I’ll bear this in mind during the pitching and writing process as well so I can be kinder and more compassionate to myself.

For now, here are the 70+ platforms I have in my sights for my article- and essay-writing goals, put together in alphabetical order:

  1. Aeon

  2. Al Jazeera

  3. (The) Ascent (by Medium)

  4. (The) Atlantic

  5. (A) Atlas Obscura (B) Gastro Obscura

  6. Basically

  7. BBC Travel

  8. Bon Appétit

  9. Business Insider

  10. Business Standard

  11. Bustle

  12. (The) Caravan

  13. Catapult

  14. Christian Science Monitor

  15. CNN Travel

  16. Cosmopolitan

  17. Culture Trip

  18. Eater

  19. (The) Economist

  20. Elemental (by Medium)

  21. Elle

  22. Elle Decor

  23. Entertainment Weekly

  24. Esquire

  25. Financial Times

  26. Firstpost

  27. Forbes

  28. Fortune

  29. Good Housekeeping

  30. Goya Journal

  31. GQ

  32. (The) Guardian

  33. Hakai Magazine

  34. Harper’s Magazine

  35. Healthyish

  36. Hollywood Reporter

  37. (The) Juggernaut

  38. (The) Ken

  39. Khaleej Times

  40. Literary Hub

  41. Longreads

  42. Los Angeles Times

  43. Mental Floss

  44. Mint Lounge

  45. Modern Farmer

  46. Mongabay

  47. Narratively

  48. National Geographic

  49. Nat Geo Traveller India

  50. (The) New York Times

  51. (The) New Yorker

  52. NPR Goats and Soda

  53. OZY

  54. Reader’s Digest

  55. RoundGlass

  56. RoundGlass Thali

  57. Scroll.in

  58. Slate

  59. Smithsonian Magazine

  60. SodaMonk

  61. South China Morning Post

  62. (The) Swaddle

  63. Teen Vogue

  64. Tenderly (by Medium)

  65. Thought Catalog

  66. Time Magazine

  67. Travel + Leisure

  68. Variety

  69. (The) Verge

  70. Verve Magazine

  71. Vice Magazine

  72. Vogue

  73. Vox

  74. Vulture

  75. (The) Washington Post

  76. Whetstone Magazine

  77. Wired

Which are the publications youre aiming to break into? Let me know down below in the comments.