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70+ content templates for your travel-writing assignment

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Don’t be lost for ideas

70 content templates for your travel-writing assignment
Compile local writings, scripts and typography for a quick, engaging story. Photo credit: Conor Luddy via Unsplash

Who doesn’t want to travel the world, chronicle their adventures, and get paid for it? Just like how PiKu aspires to in my book PiKu & ViRu? (Buy/download, read, and review it here—it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!)

Such a role is truly the best job on Earth, straight out of a dream. But as Uncle Ben said in Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. If you set out for your trip without a content plan, you’ll never know what to look out for that you can write about.

What you need is a handy content list you can use for your research and create a travel plan with before you leave. While, of course, we all want that stroke of serendipity to shine upon us, I’ve realised it doesn’t really show up if you don’t have a strategy at the ready. Moreover, besides travelogues, why not also help readers with short, snappy articles comprising accessible and approachable information? Especially by giving your own unique spin to the same old templates? Even SEO will agree.

Here are all the topics you can cover. Feel free to pick whatever is applicable based on the destination, your itinerary, trip duration, and budget:

  1. Good ol’ travelogue

  2. Destination guides

  3. Airport guides

  4. Itineraries (incl. for stopovers)

  5. What to see & do (usual + offbeat)

  6. What to see & do with kids

  7. What to see & do for solo travellers

  8. What to see & do for couples

  9. What to see & do for LGBTQ+ travellers

  10. What to see & do for free

  11. What to see & do at a place during a particular season (e.g. flowers in spring, skiing in winter, fall colours)

  12. Highlights of a particular museum or art gallery (for time-starved travellers)

  13. Must-dos for adventure lovers

  14. Fitness regimes for specific experiences (e.g. a particular trek, marathon, altitude)

  15. Side & day trips

  16. Newly opened attractions

  17. Best stays

  18. Best budget stays (or within a particular price range)

  19. Best luxury stays

  20. Best homestays

  21. Best serviced apartments

  22. Best hostels

  23. Best Airbnbs

  24. Best stays for business travellers

  25. Romantic stays

  26. Best kid-friendly stays

  27. Best pet-friendly stays

  28. Best stays for LGBTQ+ travellers

  29. Best eco-friendly stays

  30. Best newly opened stays

  31. Rooms with a view

  32. Hotel comparison table

  33. Hotel reviews/previews

  34. What to eat & drink

  35. Where to eat & drink

  36. Best new restaurants/bars/cafés

  37. Where to eat & drink in a particular area of a destination (e.g. Chandni Chowk, Bandra, Indiranagar)

  38. What to eat & drink in a particular area of a destination

  39. Veg, vegan, and Jain food

  40. Best farm-to-table/eco-friendly meal experiences

  41. Where to have a particular local food/beverage (e.g. where to eat the best biryani in Hyderabad, Mumbai’s tastiest vada pavs, best hot chocolate in Switzerland)

  42. Best breakfasts

  43. Best street food

  44. Best tea/coffee experiences

  45. Best rooftop restaurants/bars/cafés

  46. Meals with a view

  47. Profiling a particular local food/drink/ingredient

  48. Where to find Indian food in a particular destination

  49. Best home meals

  50. Recipes of local foods

  51. Best swimming pools (incl. those with a view)

  52. What to shop and bring back as souvenirs

  53. Where to shop

  54. Best spas and wellness resorts

  55. Where to party

  56. Local transport modes—best road trips, best boat rides, best train journeys

  57. Phrases to know

  58. What to pack

  59. Local etiquette + dos and don’ts (can be extended to experiences such as Japanese tea ceremonies, Russian vodka drinking, English afternoon tea)

  60. Travel tips by local insiders

  61. Explainers to local aspects (e.g. what is foie gras, what is thangka, why are the Egyptian Pyramids triangular in shape and not any other)

  62. Photo essay

  63. Photography tips (esp. for phenomena such as Northern Lights, sunsets, Great Wildebeest Migration)

  64. Personal experiment (e.g. I’m scared of heights and I went skydiving in New Zealand; this is what happened)

  65. Confessions and ‘Overheard at’

  66. Quirks & oddities

  67. Local people who everyone should know about

  68. Local festivals and events calendar

  69. Local folklore, tales & myths

  70. Local typography, signboards, truck messages, typos & bloopers

  71. Life lessons from your trip

  72. Fun facts (like ‘Things you didn’t know’)

  73. Travel quizzes

  74. A destination, area, or hotel in ‘numbers’

  75. Books to read before going to a particular destination

  76. Movies shot at a particular destination

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