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8 writing exercises for the truly romantic

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Love stories are just one of them

7 writing exercises for your Valentine’s Day
Try visualising your ideal Valentine’s Day right now.

Be it Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year, nothing expresses love better than putting it down on the page.

That’s why you could do with these 8 writing exercises. Whether you’re single or otherwise, you can use these methods to express your love, as well as your idea of love, and give rise to your own romance stories.

Here are my awesome 8 for you. Write away!

Love letters

Who says love letters are supposed to be written only by those in romantic relationships? (Though, in this day of the internet and quick messenger apps, love letters are a dying form of art and communication anyway.)

A single could write a letter to their future partner (like how I do at times). It helps you map out your ideal person.

Or you could express appreciation or admiration for someone who’s touched your life.

You could also write a letter addressed to your partner, without sending it to them.

There are endless possibilities here, so make the most of them and express what’s in your heart.

Love stories

Get your imagination going by plotting and crafting your own romance stories.

If writing a long novel or script sounds tedious to you, there’s no stopping you from penning down short stories or clips.

Romance may not be the only central theme of your story. Friendship is an equally important but underrated relationship, so celebrate that, too.

If you need some inspiration, why not read some books and watch some films for ideas? May I recommend my own book, PiKu & ViRu? It also has self-love as a theme, by the way. (Buy/download, read, and review here.)

And if you wish to change the ending of a work of fiction or write its sequel, prequel, or spin-off, fan-fiction is your best bet.

Love poems

For those who like to pour out their thoughts in rhyme and verse or quotes, this is the perfect medium for their expression of love.

If you’re recovering from heartache, accelerate your healing by using this art form.

Soulmate criteria

Before you download a dating app, you’re going to have to be clear about the kind of partner you seek. So, make a list of what you’re looking for in a partner.

Turn to mind-mapping for the task—it helps you capture the scattered bits of information, knowledge, and imagery in your brain on this topic. And if you’re the artistic type, go crazy with a collage instead.

You can also list out your fiction crushes and the qualities you admire in them!

Bucket list

Here’s a fun way to have clarity on the kind of relationship you wish to share with your partner.

Compile a list of all the experiences, to-dos, and other things you’d like to enjoy with your SO.

To make it more colourful and picturesque, create a scrapbook of magazine pictures, movie posters, food shots—whatever you may find.

You may also go digital and do it on the likes of Pinterest. Screenshot hotel rooms, adventure sports, restaurant tables—wherever you see yourself with your partner—and make your own private vision board.

Don’t worry about the budget of these experiences—just list out whatever catches your fancy, no matter what the price.

Wish list

Don’t be stumped for gifting choices on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Ensure you have a list of your favourite products, foods, styles, and services ready—even your choice of haircuts counts. After all, you deserve to treat yourself, too, on this day.

If you know what your loved ones like or need, ensure you note it down somewhere so you have a handy list to refer to when the time for gifting arrives.

Document your dating life

Record your dating adventures and misadventures, as well as romance stories, and compile them into a book. Ditto for any lessons you learn in the process; you could also create a step-by-step dating manual for beginners. The world surely needs guides like these!

Visualise your next Valentine’s Day

If this Valentine’s Day hasn’t been of your liking, why not jot down a vision for the next one?

It’s so cool to live life by design than by default, so why not write out how you want your next Valentine’s Day to go? Even a paragraph consisting of a few lines is more than enough.

There is no right or wrong here. If you want a romance, ask for it. If you’re aiming to do some soul-searching but don’t have the time or bandwidth for it, mention it.

Written goals tend to materialise better than those in the head, so leverage the power of writing to create the Valentine’s Day of your dreams and have your own romance story!


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