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65 wholesome pizza writing prompts for your time

These pizzalicious ideas are exactly what you knead—sorry, need—for shaping your creativity

Take inspiration from ‘Eat Pray Love’ and pen your own pizza movie scene!
Take inspiration from ‘Eat Pray Love’ and pen your own pizza movie scene!

Image: Screengrab from YouTube video by Movieclips

It’s Pizza Day on 9 February, which means it’s just the occasion to get your dose of this cheesy pie.

But don’t just savour your pizza.

Write about it, too.

Tap into every nook and cranny of your piece to mine the most flavourful ideas from them all.

I’ve done that for three crucial scenes in my book PiKu & ViRu. (Buy/download, read, and review it here; it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!) And my first one for, too, revolves around this gorgeous dish. Read it here.

It’s your turn now to get your story cookin’!

To make the process easier, I’ve created this list of 65 pizza writing prompts.

The idea is to have your own pizza story or movie in no time.

Give these a try, and you’re sure to have platefuls to write about!

  1. Pen a play on the autobiography of pizza.

  2. Make your story’s protagonist have a dream pizza and give them a quest around it. The pizza could be at a particular restaurant or destination or of the protagonist’s own recipe.

  3. Write an essay on your first-ever pizza. When and where did you lose your pizza virginity and to which pie?

  4. Review your most expensive pizza experience. Was it worth the splurge?

  5. Get crackin’ on your pizza bucket list.

  6. Bang out a poem on your most memorable pizza.

  7. Pay homage to the best pizza you’ve ever had.

  8. Rant about the worst pizza you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.

  9. If you could add only 3 toppings to your pizza, what would they be? Record your results.

  10. What’s your choice of dessert pizza? Share your thoughts and, if you can, a recipe.

  11. Outline your plans for next year’s Pizza Day.

  12. Write an ode to pizza.

  13. Document your life lessons and takeaways from pizza.

  14. Collect pizza facts and stats.

  15. Get clear about your favourite pizza crust. Is it thin, thick, deep-dish, or cheese-burst?

  16. Pizza with cutlery or your hands? Dump your thoughts.

  17. What do you like to eat with your pizza? Crank out a list.

  18. What do you like to drink with your pizza? This would make for a great pizza-pairing article!

  19. Work out a relationship or love story between a pizza lover and hater

  20. Your weirdest pizza? Devote a blog post to it.

  21. The best time for pizza? While every time is a good time for pizza, a social media post from you on your opinion about this would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

  22. The best place for pizza? Blog about it. It could be a restaurant or destination.

  23. The best event or atmosphere for pizza? (Pizza at sunset, anyone?) Share a handwritten note with photos, if you can arrange for them.

  24. Would you cut pizza on your birthday instead of cake? Or would you order a pizza-themed cake? Pizzalicious Instagram post coming up.

  25. Pen down a story about a pizza chef

  26. …or a pizza dough spinner (if such a profession exists—else, create one, WTH)…

  27. …or a pizza delivery person

  28. If you could be in the pizza business, what role would you like to play? Interview yourself on this.

  29. The most important component in a pizza and why. Here’s a food article coming up. Speak to various pizza experts for their input.

  30. Have you tried vegan pizza? How was it? Tell the world about it.

  31. Conjure a nail-biting thriller on pizza thefts.

  32. How do you like your pizza? Sauce-loaded, cheesy, sweet, or spicy? Get complete clarity on this.

  33. Your go-to pizza for first dates? Time for a relationships-meets-pizza piece.

  34. Create a pizza mystery.

  35. Script a video on your favourite pizza movie scene and what makes it special.

  36. What’s your favourite pizza moment in a book? Do a compilation if there are more.

  37. If you could create a reality show around pizza, what would it be like? Bang out a concept note.

  38. Or it could be a pizza anthology. Maybe see how you can get a book out of it

  39. Create a pizza billionaire character.

  40. What if pizza was pitted against another food—say, burger? Which one would win the battle? A short story on this would be unputdownable!

  41. Build a story around a dating app that matches people based on their pizza tastes.

  42. Create a list of must-try pizzas from around the world. Which one would qualify from India?

  43. Aim to come up with a list of 100 different pizza varieties. See which one you’d like to work with for your story.

  44. Create a “which pizza are you” quiz.

  45. Which pizzas would you serve at your wedding? Come up with a menu.

  46. Think of a pizza-themed event, wedding, or party.

  47. Protagonist, antagonist, and one pizza slice—who wins? There’s your short film.

  48. What if pizza becomes a dessert or ice-cream flavour? How would that happen? Bring out a recipe.

  49. Coin another term for pizza. Use it in your next WIP.

  50. A town that has never heard of pizza. What happens when its denizens taste pizza for the first time? Do they come up with their own name for it? This could be a nice children’s tale.

  51. How would your veg and non-veg fiction couple share their pizza? What sort of conflicts would they face in the process?

  52. Write a story about a house or city built entirely of pizza.

  53. What kind of pizzeria would you like to open? Create a plan or proposal.

  54. What happens when a human character turns into pizza? How does it happen? What would their fate be like? Would they return to their human form or get eaten like pizza in the end?

  55. Show a political party with pizza as their symbol. Will they see the success they’re eyeing?

  56. Would pizza be the hero, villain, love interest, sidekick, or genie in your story? What would the character arc look like?

  57. What happens when two characters’ pizza orders are mixed up? Do we see a romance brewing here? Or is it a thriller in the making?

  58. Create your dream pizzeria menu.

  59. Share a fusion pizza recipe.

  60. Write a thank-you and appreciation note for pizza delivery people.

  61. Copywrite a spec ad for your favourite pizza or pizzeria.

  62. Present the history of pizza in an interesting way—maybe as a timeline or a biopic.

  63. Plot your own pizza movie scene; see this list of iconic Hollywood ones for your inspiration.

  64. Create your own pizza quotes and puns.

  65. Take some of your favourite memes and give them a pizza spin.


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